in the kitchen

A while back I ‘fessed up to watching a bit of television.  Well, as predicted…that particular show was short-lived.  What I didn’t anticipate was becoming completely and totally obsessed with the Food Network.  *sigh*  I seriously need to heal up ASAP and get off this couch!

Anyway, what makes this absolutely ridiculous is that:  a) I’m unable to eat gluten, dairy or soy, so 90% of what they make on these shows I can’t eat and b) I don’t cook…ever.

Ok, that’s not completely true.  I do some cooking…occassionally.  Or my version of it.  Which typically includes things like (boxed) macs and cheese or ziti with jarred sauce.

However, I do make a pretty awesome sous chef when my husband is cooking…

When the mood (very rarely) strikes I become inspired and experiment with things like herbs and cheese cloth…

And I’ve been known to make a pretty kick-ass salad every now and then…

…but overall I’m pretty worthless in the kitchen.  Which could quite possibly be why I enjoy watching these shows, I’m fascinated at how effortless these people make it look?!  Not only am I clueless about what I’m doing, but I usually end up with second degree burns when I’m done.

So, even though I have no intention of trying out any of the recipes I see, I do find some of the shows pretty entertaining.  For example, Anne Burrell.

This woman is an absolute nut.  In a good way.  She’s got this weird shimmy/dance she does which is apparently her visual for frying chicken in a pan and on one particular episode she got so excited about the pork she was about to cook she actually smacked it before putting it in the oven.  Positively X-rated!

Yeah.  There’s entirely too much television going on around here…


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