mickey bouquet

…and the company continues

Except this time instead of cookies, cupcakes or doughnuts…our guest brought fruit from Edible Arrangements.  It was the Mickey bouquet and it looked fantastic!  And since it was fruit I was able to enjoy it as well, which is always a huge plus!

They really do an awesome job with presentation.  I’ve been sending and receiving from them for years now.  The arrangements are fun and it’s always a nice change of pace from flowers or sweets.

But.  Holy Artificial.  What in the world are these people injecting/spraying/coating their fruit in, because I gotta say…looking at these arrangements are way more enjoyable than actually tasting them.  I realize how fragile fruit can be.  I know that only mere minutes after cutting into some types of fruit they immediately start to brown.  So, in order to ensure that these bouquets stay pretty until they arrive at their destination…well, there’s gotta be some artificial ‘help’.  But really…there’s nothing like freshly cut fruit…


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