We have always maintained a strictly ‘PC’ household.  Years ago, my husband was put in charge of computers, cell phones and anything related to technology in general.  He’s not a fan of Apple products, so they never made their way into our home.

Then last year his company started testing out iPads.  He was one of the employees to be assigned one.  To be honest, I could never really see the point of an iPad.  Yes, they’re definitely cool, but the price is a bit ridiculous.  We never would have purchased it ourselves, but there’s no denying that we’ve definitely been enjoying our FREE one!

As for cell phones, we’re both BlackBerry users.  Every time my husband upgrades, I inherit his old one.  Sound like a crap deal?  Well, that’s because it sorta is.  Anyway, there seems to be rumblings that BlackBerry is on it’s way out and my Bold (I’d link to it, but mine is so old it’s not even on their website anymore) was on it’s last leg.  So, my husband decided to look into iPhones for us. *gasp*!!

I think I’m a little bit in love.

Although, I do have a few issues with it…like how tiny the keyboard is?!!?  Typing on it is definitely much more difficult, but less than 24 hours after purchasing it I’m already starting to get the hang of it.  I still have a lot of playing around to do.  I also need to look into whether or not iPhones have something similar to BlackBerry Messenger.  But at the moment my most pressing concern is…what case should I get????

So, our strictly PC home is slowly becoming overrun with Apple products.  At this rate I’ll be typing posts up on a brandy new MacBook Air in no time!


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