national pie day

According to the American Pie Council (who knew there was such a thing??), yesterday was National Pie Day…

Of all the wonderful things that I can no longer eat, I miss pie and cheese the most.  So, imagine how excited I was when I stumbled upon Katz Gluten Free.  I started out with their sampler pack, which ended up being filled with gfree yumminess.  My last order was mainly to stock up on their dinner rolls and their sugared snack poppers (which go awesome with a cup of hot tea).  Before I submitted the order, I noticed that they also had a few different varieties of pie.  I got entirely too excited over this fact…I really do LOVE pie.

I went ahead and ordered the cherry pie (took quite a bit of restraint to buy just one).  Katz’s stuff does just fine in the freezer, so that’s where my pie has been hanging out since I received my box of goodies.  Until…National Pie Day arrived.  The perfect day to finally dig in!  Personally, I think this should be a monthly holiday…


2 thoughts on “national pie day

  1. I look forward to National Pie Day. This is our third year hosting a Pie Party (as I had just learned about the “holiday”). Glad you were able to find some gfree pie goodness on that special pie day of the year. 🙂

  2. a pie party sounds like a fantastic idea! thank you, i was too…i’ll have to make sure to stock-up for next year!

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