tea lovers

I was around 13 or 14 years old when I had my first cup of coffee. I was on vacation with my mother and my aunt. We drove up to Cape Cod (from Jersey) and were staying in a rented cottage for the week. My mother and aunt ran out for a bit and I stayed behind to settle in. It was a chilly/rainy day and I decided to make myself a cup ‘o joe.

I drank it black with a bit of sugar and I was hooked. For years I drank my coffee black…until eventually deciding to experiment with milk, cream and different espresso-based variations.

I pretty much avoided tea like the plague. I mean really. What’s the point when you have coffee??? Until…I tried Lady Grey Tea at my aunt’s house a few months ago (yes, the very same aunt). I fell in love with it and even went several weeks without having any coffee at all.

Of course, now that there’s a newborn in the house, avoiding coffee is like attempting to avoid oxygen or food. It’s impossible. So, I took a break from tea for a bit to rely heavily on my old caffeinated friend.

But, family members are conspiring against me. This year’s Christmas was all about tea. My aunt gave me a Teavana Perfect Tea Maker (complete with Earl Grey loose leaves), my other aunt gave me a beautiful Lenox tea set and my husband went all out on a Royal Albert Old Country Roses complete set…

I tried out the Tea Maker today and it worked perfectly. I cannot believe how much more fragrant and tasty loose leaves are compared to the bagged variety.  I think it’s safe to say…I’m hooked!


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