When I was pregnant with our first daughter, I didn’t really crave sweets.  I ate a lot of fruit, but I didn’t find myself devouring cakes and cookies while standing in the kitchen at midnight.  This time around, it seemed like it was pretty much going to be the same in regards to cravings.  Up until a few weeks ago.  Suddenly, I found myself craving all things sweet and yummy.  Unfortunately, (actually it’s probably a good thing!) I’m unable to eat anything containing gluten, dairy or soy.  This makes prepackaged/prepared foods pretty difficult to find, particularly baked goods.  BUT…much to my doctor’s dismay…it’s not impossible!

Schar makes some pretty yummy Shortbread Cookies

They also make Panettone, which totally satisfies the craving…

But the best so far has been Bella Lucia’s Pizzelles, total awesomeness with a cup of hot tea…

So, at times food allergies/intolerances can be a huge inconvenience and result in a lot of missed deliciousness.  But I have to say, the available products at our local food store have tripled over the course of the last few years.  This makes me a very happy pregnant-mama!


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